Who We Are ?


Grand Father

It all started on the hands of the late grandfather initially operating in construction. We operate under Montasser holding company as we take responsibility of specific services.



Montasser passed on the torch to his son to lead the management of Montasser for Contracting.

Father took the company’s success to a whole new level of recognition, turning Montasser for Contracting into one of the biggest companies in the construction field.



Since 2011, ONTRACK has been established and branched from (Montasser investments group) as a separated company that has its own unique characters and features and it’s specified in the field of interior finishing only to provide its clients with the best quality and professionalism in the section of villas, palaces and for the commercial too. It is focusing on class A and A+ brands also for the good well administrations office.

Why We're Here?

We make a decision based on the Egyptian market needs and by believing in the theory of the specialization in work, we work on delivering the client a superior value with high end quality and suitable price


Introduce “The Triangle of Interior Finishing Success” to our clients and turn their vision into reality.


To become The Market Leader of interior contractor as we provide the world with a high-quality service while guaranteeing full transparency


To deliver “The Triangle of Interior Finishing Success” to our clients and correct the misconception around interior finishing in Egypt.

The Triangle of Interior Finishing Success