Demonstrating the finishing techniques then price after the designer finishes the complete package of the design execution and delivering including landscape work



Explaining the way of finishing then pricing and execution administration for offices



Stating the finishing methods then pricing and execution for high brands mall shops

Our Advantages

  • ONTRACK offers turnkey solutions guaranteeing the perfect finishing of a design plan, clients must be introduced to ” The Triangle of Interior Finishing Success”. a concept based on the belief that in order to have a successful construction project, all three parties must work together, the client envisions, the interior designer plans and the interior finishing contractor executes the right finish.
  • No one of the three parties could take the function of another party.
  • Each party makes his own job, but with the collaboration of the 2 others.
  • All of the above points is to satisfy the client to get the best QUALITY‑TIME‑PRICE‑EFFICIENCY‑NEATNESS
  • Our company is reliably perceived for its business intuition and its creative work in interior finishing that perfectly mix utilitarian and stylish needs.
  • We execute the models and plans under the supervision of the interior designer to ensure the client’s satisfaction and optimizing the implementation of the idea. We provide a wide range of superb quality specialist finishes, different materials and technologies.
  • Our dream in the field of Interior Finishing Contracting, have consistently been to leave a heritage, making ONTRACK a commonly recognized name, causing individuals to value the esteemed significance of interior finishing.
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